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Yes, because we are looking for you more than ever! The digitalization of the health sector has never been more relevant than it is today. The corona crisis is pushing our business, “social distancing” cannot stop us. Our recruiting is still in full swing:

We set up job interviews, draft contracts and make sure your onboarding transpires flawlessly – all via digital channels!

For your own health and that of our fellows!

What we do

When someone needs a wheelchair, it’s a task where doctors, medical stores, healthcare portals, healthcare facilities and insurance companies have to join forces to find a solution. When water damage occurs, the landlord, caretaker, plumber, invoicing app and contents insurance need to work together to mend matters in a satisfactory manner so that the customer will be happy in the end.

We, SDA SE, have stepped up to the plate to simplify the collaboration between customers, insurance companies, start-ups and service providers, and to provide the required technology to create customer-focused solutions.

To do so, we built an IT architecture in the form of Platform as a Service for insurance companies. It consists of three service systems and enables data transfer and data editing between all platform members, and at the same time, clarifies critical questions regarding data management, safety, logins, scaling, etc.

So, let’s take a person who has asthma, for example. With an appropriate app which orchestrates physicians, pharmacists, insurance companies and other healthcare services it will be possible to help this person by providing comprehensive support.

Who we are

We are a team of currently around 70 employees who want to jointly establish SDA as a platform in the market. Our headquarters is located in Hamburg – on the 21st floor of the Dancing Towers at Reeperbahn. We, the SDA SE, founded in 2016, are a joint venture of Signal Iduna, Alliance X, Debeka and msg in cooperation with IBM Germany. We establish ourselves with a fresh mindset and independent technologies while using the strengths of the shareholders at the same time.

Job vacancies

What our employees say about us

Portrait Eicke Bücking

“For me, the greatest thing about SDA SE is that here I have found a group of engineers who is developing a meaningful platform with a lot of passion, sincerity and also a lot of fun. We are constantly dealing with exciting technologies, yet without being driven by buzzwords. For me it’s the perfect combination, also with regard to my personal technological development!”

Eicke Bücking, Chief Technology Officer
Portrait Christina

“When it’s about exchanging data between different parties, you need to design an incredible amount of things. And it’s not getting any easier, really, when healthcare data is involved. I’m glad that at SDA SE I can contribute my experience to create truly customer-focussed solutions – while still ensuring legal compliance.”

Christina Paschali-Haas, Head of Legal and Compliance

How we work

We won’t develop anything that the market doesn’t need. So, we develop the components of our platform with design thinking methods that focus on the partners and insurance companies. For the implementation we use Lean Startup principles – from MVP to continuous development. And we also use SCRUM and Kanban as well as the following supporting tools:

What we work with

SOA? – Microservices! And SOA.

Microservices are what shape us. Not only in the technological architecture, but primarily in the associated organisational form – with teams that are as independent and effective as possible.

Open-Source rather than Vendor Lock-In

In development we are committed to the open source idea, both actively and passively. We develop cloud native. And cloud agnostic, of course.

Modern technologies

To build our platform we work with the latest technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Java, TypeScript, Angular, NodeJS, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, GitHub.

You and what we offer

We want to work with people who demonstrate creative drive and quality awareness. Not only do we develop excellent products together, but also keep developing SDA SE as a company. Our team consists of creative people who provide an inspiring environment for your personal and professional development. Moreover, we also offer free beverages, fruit and Apple devices, plus the possibility to work remote. And we can react flexibly to other individual requests – so that you and SDA SE will be happy. Below you will find our current job vacancies:

Our location

SDA SE – Open Industry Solutions
Reeperbahn 1
20359 Hamburg

Your contact

Stephan Hans
+49 40 33442506